SCOOP 7, Reborn, rewritten
and now released

Linux server, Postgre Sql db,
and as easy to use as before

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• ScoopEdit •

ScoopEdit is an editorial tool for writing texts and organizing the content flow in a mediahouse enviroment.
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• PageTrack •

PageTrack is the newsroom’s monitoring and supervision tool. As an option we offer integration with your ad system.
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• Product Manager •

Centralized product handling, creating of InDesign documents and production overview.
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• Database Manager •

Centralized control over the configuration of the majority of the system.
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• Content Manager •

Schedule, Importing, exporting, moving, converting and cleaning of content.
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• eLibrary •

eLibrary is our archive solution. From the finished page document, a simple command analyses the page and exports the content to the archive.
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+ AdWizard +

Whether you have an ad booking system or just keep a list in Excel or any kind of program that outputs tab-separated text files, AdWizard helps you to produce and place ads on the fly to the page.
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+ Media Pocket +

Media Pocket is a premium Content Lake solution for all your media files. Media Pocket is suitable for both small and big media groups.
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+ WebParser +

WebParser integrates the editorial system with WordPress. Publish, update, remove content directly from your editorial system.
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+ CmsPublisher +

The Simplest Way To Place Content From WordPress To Adobe Indesign.
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+ PageTrack II +

PageTrack II is a browser based tool with features that fits both newspaper and magazine production.
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