Scoop Publishware

is a editorial system that is very easy to learn and but still powerful to produce and handle content with both on Print and Digital channels. A well powered  technical and modular system solution for packaging and format your content. This system is really cost effective and it´s easy to build workflows that suits your needs.

is a newsroom workflow and content management system. It organises and facilitates access to baskets, assignments, stories, article update history and other editorial essentials. Writers, photographers, paginators, editors and managers can easily access, create, edit and move articles. Articles can be provided with fact boxes, and attached images are easily placed on to the InDesign documents. You can also manage most of your Online publishing directly from here. Optionally Adobe InCopy or InDesign can be used as text editor.

PageTrack is the newsroom’s monitoring and supervision tool. Via a web browser the user gets an overview of all pages in a selected product. The information is displayed in a list or as page images. For each page, you see current status, who is editing, deadline and which articles and images are placed on that page. When a DTP document is saved, the web view with all information is updated.
As an option we offer different integrations with your ad system. Ads can then be placed on their destination pages half-manually or automatically, and the current ad status is displayed.

Product Manager
Centralized product handling, creating of InDesign documents and production overview. Includes configuring product templates, creating and updating products. A template is set up or adjusted, information is retrieved from the advertising system, and based on this template, the product can be planned. You decide the number of pages. Each page belongs to an edition and pages can be added or removed.

Database Manager
Centralized control over the configuration of the majority of the system.
Includes configuring Users, Groups, Baskets, and Styles in place… and so much more!
We can even import styles from InDesign now!

Content Manager
Schedule, Importing, exporting, moving, converting and cleaning of content. Using Event driven tasks, Watched folders for instant actions, Receive emails and convert them to an articles, exchange material from and to most CMS’s.


eLibrary archives your content as it was published in the print. Web-based searches, both simple and advanced, provide complete results including article text, graphics, low-res images and also with both article- and page-PDF documents.


The most affordable Ad handling tool on the market? Whether you have an ad booking system or just keep a list in Excel or any kind of program that outputs tab-separated text fi les, AdWizard let’s you produce and place ads on the fl y to newspapers and magazines. It’s integrated with InDesign and via your outputted ad fi le with your ad booking system. It automatically keeps track of ads that are produced, so that you don’t miss at the end of the day. Simple, easy to use and very aff ordable.

Media Pocket - Content Lake

Media Pocket Content Lake

Smart Media Management, a modern cloud-based platform for your media files and a secure cloud-based storage with wide format support. Text, images, videos, sound.

Drag and drop your assets individually or upload in bulk from your computer or upload straight from your GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox, also data migration available for larger archives. All content in one place - Find it and re-use your content in any channel.

Suitable for small local newspaper up to media groups.

Webparser for online CMS

WebParser integrates the Scoop 7 editorial system with online CMS (WordPress and others). Categories, keywords, links, styles, image carousels, identification of registered system users are all handled by WebParser over to the CMS.

You can also publish, update, remove content on you website directly from the Scoop Edit client. If you you choose to edit (enrichen) your article in the web CMS, you can configure Scoop not to update the article.

Cms Publisher

“Worlds easiest Digital First workflow integration with print production”

CmsPublisher is the easiest, most cost effective ”Digital First” solution that ables you to place your web CMS content directly into InDesign.

Maybe you have a WordPress or Labrador web site and you want to produce a print product with InDesign, or maybe you already today use your Web CMS editor to produce both digital and print content.

Open your InDesign page and just drag & drop the content you want from your web CMS site into your print page and you will have your print edition ready in no time.

For more information and to ask for a quote, go to www.cmspublisher.com

PS. We can also integrate with other CMS systems.


Pagetrack II - Browser based content management


PageTrack II is a browser based tool with features that fits both newspaper and magazine production.

You can plan, create, organize an produce your products and pages with drag & drop. Adding and removing pages, moving pages around and re-saving the issue directly in your browser.

Use it with Scoop 7, or as a stand-alone Product Management system or use it as an add on to WordPress and CmsPublisher to make your print publication.

There are many diff rent workflow options to choose from. Which ever suites you best.