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The efficient content management system for magazines. Plan and organize, for unbeatable production control.

One web based shell hosts functions for planning, organizing, and monitoring a magazine. The main functions include:

  • Planning, of articles and ads. You shift easily between the project view and the page view. Each article is an independent project, where the editor sets the number of pages and follows up the status.
  • Writing articles. The reporters use their regular word processors, such as Microsoft Word. Finished texts are entered in the project view. Images, spreadsheets, etc, are connected to the project and can easily be placed on the page documents.
  • InCopy. The InDesign documents can be opened anytime in Adobe InCopy from the product view, letting reporters and editors edit the text directly to the DTP page document.
  • PDF. Scoop Magazine automatically generates PDF documents for all saved page documents. This lets all users view all pages from the project view.
  • Article placing. Select a page or an article, and the page document(s) open in Adobe InDesign. Related texts and images are presented in a palette, ready for placing. If the layout is set, you can have the document open in Adobe InCopy, for review and editing by a sub-editor.
  • Page monitoring. The whole newsroom will see the magazine grow via the page view, including status for each article or page.
  • History, displaying who made what and when.
  • Version handling. Each time a document is saved and closed, Magazine handles this as a version. From the main page you can view all versions of any documents, and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Rollout. Scoop Magazine keeps track of your document name standard, simplifying product rollout.

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